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Roche Diagnostics, Himsen Meikang all took a fancy to Xiaoguang! The market is going to shuffle.

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Roche Diagnostics, Himsen Meikang all took a fancy to Xiaoguang! The market is going to shuffle.

Roche Diagnostics is the exclusive agent of Renmai Bio's small-scale fully automatic chemiluminescence analyzer MCL60, which includes related matching detection reagents such as myocardial markers, inflammatory markers, hormone detection, thyroid function, tumor markers, etc., and has made actual progress.


Xisen Meikang exclusively undertakes the general agent of small POCT products of Zecheng Bio-POClia in China, which is a single chemiluminescence platform. Reagents include myocardial markers, infection markers, nutritional status detection, sex hormones, gastric function, etc. The sample types cover whole blood, plasma and serum.


The places targeted are basically ICU, emergency, intracardiac, chest pain center, social health center and clinic. The two giants are working together, and the small glowing spring is coming? It seems that the problems of small luminescence, such as high reagent cost, small detection amount at the grass-roots level and accuracy of results, have to be overcome. The spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground, and the small luminous market really strives for success! Other small luminous manufacturers in China are also sharpening their swords and preparing for a big fight. Wanfu Bio's Shine i1900, Egg Bio's MAGICL6000, Hot Scene MQ60AU, Mingde's CF10 and CP800, as well as Tianchen Medical, Guosai Bio, Huamai Xingwei, Norman, Pumen Technology, Tianshen Medical and many other manufacturers have already listed all kinds of small luminous products in cultivation, and there are POCT luminous products yellow prepared by new industries, Antu Bio and other luminous enterprises.


Ren and Ze Cheng can be said to have caught up with a good time. Faced with the market environment of domestic substitution, centralized purchasing and localization, the two giants also shoulder the pressure to constantly find good products, enrich product lines and maximize the value of channels. They just need it, they just have it made in China, and with excellent quality, the big hands are held together like this. Without cooperation with giants, other domestic manufacturers can only rely on themselves, and it will be more difficult to build their own channels. The future is the channel, performance, price and special items. Some conceivable changes. Immunofluorescent products have to bear great pressure, otherwise they will be replaced; Clinical departments will usher in a small wave of luminous installation; It is estimated that there will be no less fighting and killing between brands. The advantages of foreign enterprises lie in academic construction and core channels, and now they have chosen products with good quality, so the domestic small luminous market is facing greater market pressure. The hospitals above Grade III are mainly foreign companies' brands occupying most of the market. Now the sinking market and clinical departments will be torn apart by foreign companies' proxy products, and the road of localization seems to be getting narrower and narrower. From this point of view, domestic enterprises should also strengthen cooperation, instead of doing everything by themselves and engaging in repeated research and development and promotion. It is more efficient to specialize in the industry, and it is more efficient for the products of technology flow to find the partners of marketing flow to complement each other's advantages, otherwise, we will miss the market boom of Xiaoguang next year.

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